2015 – Mona Pearl

Mona Pearl is a Cheyenne businesses woman who has dedicated herself to public service since arriving here.

It’s hard to overstate the sheer breadth of Mona’s involvement since coming to Cheyenne in 1991.

Presenting the award, WTE President and Publisher L. Michael McCraken described the multitude of organizations Pearl has lent her experience to through the years.

“Shortly after coming to Cheyenne, Mona became involved with the United Way of Laramie County, serving as a board member, a loan executive and a recruiter for pacesetter companies, which are instrumental in kicking off the annual fundraising drive,” McCraken said. “She served as campaign chairwoman in 2003, a year which saw record donations at the time, and she continues to help United Way with strategic planning.”

Upon claiming her award, Pearl stressed the need to continue to support local nonprofits in the work they do, which she said is the true benchmark for progress in a community. “The way we get forward in the world is not because banks do the right thing, although they do, and not because we have businesses that keep moving forward and moving into Wyoming and Cheyenne,” Pearl said. “But it’s because we take care of our people, and that’s the work of our nonprofits, by and large.

So it’s been an honor for me to get to be involved with a number of those nonprofits, and more important