2004 – Carol Farthing

Mrs. Farthing is described as an inspirational leader by those she has worked with on a wide variety of civic organizations and projects.

She has been active with many organizations including the Old West Museum, Cheyenne Civic League, Cheyenne Frontier Days, the United Medical Center Foundation and Laramie County Cowbelles. Her long-time love of sewing has resulted in her making more than 100 costumes for CFD parades.

“There are events in your life that define your future and I had one of those about twenty years ago,” Mrs. Farthing said.

“I became critically ill and when I recovered, I decided I had to live each day to the fullest. There were three things that I decided I would do, and one was to let my family know every day how important they were to me. The second was to be the kind of friend that my friends had been to me and the third, to leave my community better for my having been a part of it.”