2003 – Roslyne W. Kaufman

Mrs. Kaufman is known as a strong-willed woman who gets things done. She has frequently been called on to work on special projects, solicit and organize volunteers and raise money for many worthwhile civic projects, and has a particular interest in human services.

She is very proud of her involvement in the establishment of the Cheyenne Community Clinic, which provides primary healthcare to low-income Laramie County residents who have no medical insurance.

She was also instrumental in the creation of what is now Stride Learning Center for developmentally delayed children, Needs Inc., Laramie County Attention Home and the Cancer Assistance Association.

Mrs. Kaufman has also helped United Medical Center raise money to purchase new equipment and broaden its medical services. She helped start the hospital’s Pink Boutique gift shop and the Christmas gift-wrapping program, two important fundraisers.

I can’t repair the world,” Mrs. Kaufman says, “but I can make my space a better place to live.”