2000 – Paul Smith

Well known as the owner of the Hitching Post Inn, Mr. Smith was honored for his dedication to organizations such as the STRIDE Learning Center and his work for the needy. Mr. Smith has been involved in the STRIDE Learning Center for more than a decade, serving on its board of directors, assisting with fundraising efforts and hosting an annual party for the school’s students. He also launched the “Cheyenne Basket Brigade,” which each year provides about 150 needy families with meals, toys and other goods for the holidays. Mr. Smith has also served as a board member for a number of charitable groups and helped organize Wyoming’s first “Race for the Cure” as a board member for the Komen Foundation “Saving animals, making kids happy,” Mr. Smith said when explaining what he enjoys about his volunteer activities. “Having the opportunity to work with people on these events. I find most people who give of their time are also giving of their hearts.”